EASO Organisation Structure

The administrative and management structure of EASO comprises the Management Board and the Executive Director.The Executive Director is assisted by the Management Team. EASO is currently made up of more than 150 staff members which are based in Malta or deployed in the countries where EASO operates.

EASO Management Team
Jose CARREIRAExecutive Director[CV]
Jean Pierre SCHEMBRIHead of Communications and Stakeholders Unit a.i.[CV]
Patricia Van de PEERHead of Department of Asylum Support[CV]
Head of Department of Operations a.i.
Polydoros FRANTZESKAKISHead of Department of Administration[CV]
Jamil ADDOUHead of Asylum Support Unit[CV]
Ward LUTINHead of Information and Analysis Unit[CV]
Patrick AUSTIN Head of Operations Unit (as of 01/09/2017)  
Emmanuel MAURAGEHead of Human Resources Unit (as of 01/08/2017) 
Joao FERNANDESHead of ICT Unit a.i.[CV]
Rachelle CORTISHead of Training Curriculum Sector[CV]
Karolina MARCJANIK Head of Training Operations Sector a.i.[CV]
Mary VITSA Head of Recruitment Sector[CV]
Gerardo KNOUSE-RAMIREZHead of Finance Sector[CV]
Bronislava KOVACIKOVAHead of Payroll and Entitlement Sector a.i. 
Malin LARSSON-GRAVEHead of External Dimension Sector a.i.[CV]