3 Questions & Answers

Questions and answers1. When was EASO created?

The Tampere European Council of 1999 agreed on the establishment of Common European Asylum System (CEAS). Building on this, in 2004 the Hague Programme proposed the establishment of an agency to support the implementation of the CEAS. EASO was conceived to play a crucial role in ensuring practical cooperation between Member States on matters related to asylum, based on the standards established in the CEAS. The European Commission proposed the creation of EASO on 18 February 2009. In the first quarter of 2010, the European Parliament and the Council approved the creation of the Agency. The EASO Regulation came into force on 19 June 2010 and on 1 February 2011, the Agency became operational with its Headquarters located in Malta.

2. Are you based in one place or do you have more offices across Europe?

EASO’s Headquarters are based in Valletta, Malta. However, EASO has also operational offices in Greece, Italy and Cyprus, as well as a liaison office in Belgium (Brussels).

3. How can I join EASO?

EASO is currently recruiting as it aims to reach a staffing complement of approximately 500 by the end of the year. Check out our website for vacancies.

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