2017 Video Gallery

A European solution for asylum seekers in Europe

A video of the European Parliament about the work of EASO
Copyrights: European Parliament, 2017 

Launch of the EASO Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the EU 2016


Access to the asylum procedure

The story of M. The Poet Kid - an Eritrean relocated from Italy to Germany 

The story of Abdulghani - a Syrian relocated from Greece to Sweden

The story of Tekle - Eritrean English teacher relocated from Italy to Portugal

Hassan, Baha and Eid - Syrian family successfully relocated from Greece to Lithuania

Mamdouh's testimony, successfully relocated from Greece to Lithuania

Huruy, Eritrean relocated from Italy, can play his music again in Portugal

EASO Operational Training

The true story of Salem, Eritrean successfully relocated from Italy to Portugal


EASO Training Curriculum

EASO's Operational support in Greece

Relocation to Malta

Highlights of the joint EASO - FRONTEX Management Board session

Statement by Jose Carreira, EASO's Executive Director

Statement by Fabrice Leggeri, FRONTEX Executive Director

Statement by Mag. Wolfgang Taucher, Chair of the EASO Management Board

Statement by Marco Gasperlin, Chair of FRONTEX Management Board